The process of mining causes the loss of biotic and abiotic components in a potential site containing mining materials.

Based on the land use map of Hamablang   quarry, there are 29,5 hectares of previously mined land spread over four areas that have been reclaimed and planted with Swietenia mahagoni. The final goal of reclamation in a mined site is to restore productivity and function of an ecosystem on mining site. However, often times the success of reclamation is solely measured on the growth percentage of the planted vegetation within a previously mined site. This is based on the assumption that if the percentage of vegetation growth is high within an area, then that area will be safe from erosion and the hydrological function.

One of the important parameters that indicates the success of a reclamation process is the occurrence and rise of habitat complexity indicated by two bio indicators, arthropods and earthworms. During this project, a study of arthropod and earthworm diversity as a bio indicator for the rise of habitat complexity will be performed as a parameter for the success of rehabilitation in a mined site.



During the sampling process in the Hambalang quarry, we took photos of several arthropods found inside the quarry. We post these photos in hope of raising awareness towards the environment, in addition to serving an important role in the ecosystem, we would also like to show that arthropods are unique and beautiful creatures.

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After two weeks of earthworm, soil arthropod, and soil sampling in Hambalang quarry, these samples were afterward brought to a laboratory to be analyzed and identified. In addition to these samples, data of environmental factors were also acquired including microclimate, edaphic data, and aerial photos to further understand the landscape in the quarry. These data are useful for further analysis of reclamation success in the Hambalang quarry.

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We Use a Drone to See the Land Uses at Reclamation Area

Before setting up pitfall traps there is one method of data analysis that we haven’t shared yet. This method is the taking of aerial photos of reclamation sites with a drone.

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Landscape View from Reclamation Area

To highlight the various landscapes in reclamation area, we're taking you on a visual photos at land uses in Hambalang Quarry.

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Collecting soil arthropods and earthworm in Hambalang Quarry

This week is the continuation of our team’s research. The objective of our research is to measure the diversity of soil arthropods and earthworms which are then used as bio indicators for reclamation success. The word arthropod originates from the Greek language meaning segmented feet. (arthro: segmented, pod: feet). Sampling of soil arthropods is done with the use of pitfall traps which are used on arthropods that are on the surface of the ground. Besides, we also collecting earthworm by...

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