Our project’s aims are to sensitize internal (employees) and external (local residents, schoolchildren, elected officials, associations...) stakeholders to biodiversity existing on the quarry, to the sampling methods and to species evolution linked to quarrying activity.

Through the organization of workshops, animations and trainings and the development of interactive tools, the various actors will be led to discover the methodologies applied and the interest of using standardized monitoring protocols to obtain reliable and objective results.

Based on the installation of a pedagogic course reproducing the main types of the site’s habitats, participants will be invited to apply the protocols by themselves. The monitoring results will help to better understand the factors influencing the species and to adapt, if needed, the practices with the aim to optimize the welcome of fauna and flora.

The entire project will contribute to improve the knowledge of local biodiversity, to reinforce exchanges between the various actors and thus increase the insertion of the quarry in its territory.


Notre projet s’appuie sur un programme de suivi standardisé de la biodiversité pour sensibiliser les salariés de l’entreprise, les scolaires et le grand public à la biodiversité, aux techniques d’échantillonnage et à l’évolution des espèces en lien avec l’exploitation. Un parcours pédagogique sera aménagé sur le site pour l'occasion.