For the fifth edition of the Quarry Life Award, five International Jury members have been nominated to assess the projects for International Awards. They will work simultaneously with the national juries, but focusing on different evaluation criteria.

The members of the International Jury, who will select the winners of the International Awards of the fifth edition of the Quarry Life Award, are :

Dr. Nicola Kimm, HeidelbergCement
Richard Grimmett, BirdLife International
Prof. Dr. Michael Rademacher, University of Applied Sciences Bingen
Dr. Klára Řehounková, SER Europe
Dr. Carolyn Jewell, HeidelbergCement (Chairwoman)

The mission of each Jury Member is to follow-up and to evaluate the participating projects in order to select the QLA International Winners, which will be announced latest in December 2022. By using their know-how and experience, the Jury Member will assess the participating projects to advise and make recommendations to the Lead Juror, on the best candidates for the international prizes of the Contest.

Please read the biographies here.