Gravel Pit Bytča is situated in Bytča district, between river Váh and village Predmier, approximately 1,5 kilometers southwest from the city Bytča. Local aggregates are river sediments, which were deposited in this area during the Quarternary Period. Intensive excavation of sand and gravel goes on in this area from 50´s of the 19th century. The excavation is beeing done in two levels – above and under the groundwater level.

Restoration plan takes in acount surrounding landscape character and scene and future use of village Predmier. There should be created few water bodies with naturally shaped banks. Part of them will be used for sports and recreation, part of them as a natural zone, connected to the surrounding natural biotopes. First stage of restoration already took place in the pit.

The pit does not belong to any protected area. Landscape protected area and also NATURA 2000 area, the Strážov Mountains, is situated nearby. There is a rich green infrastructure in surrounding landscape, water biotopes above all.

Habitat, flora & fauna description: 

The most part of the surrounding of the pit represent poor fields. The closest natural area is River Váh with its vegetation and old gravel pit northeast from current pit.

Discussed area of the pit is formed by waterbodies. Depth of the lake is influenced by water level in Váh and precipitation. Species composition of the pit reflects species composition in surrounding. There is mainly ruderal vegetation covering banks, with some meadow species here and there. Littoral vegetation is established close to water level and at wet places. Sporadic pioneer trees (mainly willows) can be found and first water plants can be found here as well. At some places, non indigenous or/and invasive species occur. Nevertheless the pit represent interesting biotope in rural landscape and in longer time scale, considering the proximity of Váh River, migration of many plant and animal species can be expected.

Irregular nesting of rare sand martin (Riparia riparia) is noted in the pit.